Spotify live sessions – recorded and mixed live sessions for various artists including Kylie Minogue, Slash, Lily Allen, James Bay, Kygo, HAIM and All Time Low. 2012-present.


Thyla Pristine Dream Single (Mixing) 2017

HunckNever Had A Dream EP (Mixing/Mastering) 2016


Player PianoRadio Love album (Recording/Mixing/Producer/Songwriter/Arrangement/Multi-Instrumentalist/Vocals) 2016


Lady PresidentMy Kingdom single (Recording/Mixing) 2016

Many ThingsBurn Together album (Mixing – tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 11) 2015


Many ThingsWhat We Are EP (Mixing/Mastering) 2014

what we are cover

Marmaduke DandoSweet Dregs album (String Arrangement/Horn Arrangement/Saxophones) 2013

sweet dregs art

Rebecca JadeThe Distaff Muse album (Mastering/Piano/Saxophone/Organ) 2012

RJ rs

Monooka’s CaravanCarpathians album (Engineer/Mixing/Mastering) 2012

monooka rs

Sunlight Service Group – Bowling with the Bloodied Head of Barbra Streisand (Engineer) 2012

bowling cover

Slick ShoesThe Ooze album (Mixing/Mastering/Electric Guitar) 2011

ooze rs

Citizen Helene – Debut EP (Engineer/Producer/Mixing/Electric Bass) 2011


The PhilosophyReturn of the Bambulas album – (Mastering) 2010

philosophy bambulas rs

Player PianoInto The Dark EP (Engineer/Producer/Mixing/Mastering/Songwriter/String Arrangement/Multi-Instrumentalist/Vocals) 2009

PP EP rs

Player PianoBackwards Invention split 7″ (Engineer/Producer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist/Vocals) 2008

Backwards Inv

CandythiefLike/Unlike EP (Engineer/Producer/Mixing) 2006

Secret GirlThat’s All There Is… album (Producer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist/Vocals) 2004

The Impossible ShapesWe Like it Wild album (Assistant Engineer) 2003Impossible

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